The San Paolo Archiepiscopal University Hall of Residence has 102 beds on five floors and the following types of accommodation:

  • 60 renovated single rooms with en-suite toilet and shower
  • 19 single rooms with en-suite toilet and shower
  • 20 single rooms with en-suite toilet and shared shower
  • 1 single room sharing toilet and shower with the adjoining double room
  • 1 double room sharing toilet and shower with the adjoining single room

The San Paolo Hall of Residence, recently renovated in all its common areas, is open every day with reception available from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to midnight and Sunday from 9 am to midnight. At other times, students may enter the building using their access badge, which is strictly personal.
The building is equipped with Wi-Fi and a video-surveillance system.

The Hall of Residence features sunny, modern, functional spaces set up for individual and group study, eating, cultural activities, worship and free time:
• entrance with reception
• TV room with lounge bar
• two study rooms
• conference room
• kitchen equipped with induction cookers, electric ovens, microwaves, refrigerators and personal cupboards
• dining hall and snack corner with vending machines
• chapel
• recreational areas and lounges with billiards, ping-pong table, board games and exercise equipment
• laundry/pressing room with coin-operated washers and dryers
• two lifts
• terrace on the ground floor with tables and chairs 

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contributi ricevuti nel 2020

    • Decreto DL. 34/20 art. 25 € 56.100
    • Decreto DL 137/20 art. 1 € 84.150


  • Decreto DL 104/20 art. 59 € 3.965

Con questi contributi la Fondazione La Vincenziana è stata in grado di finanziare:

  1. gli sconti agli utenti;
  2. l’attuazione dei i protocolli per la gestione dell’accoglienza in sicurezza;
  3. i costi extra derivate dalle quarantene.

Our history

Fondazione La Vincenziana is part of the Milan Diocese.

It was founded as an ecclesiastical body on 11 May 1934 and as a body recognised under civil law on 18 May 1935 by Cardinal Alfredo Ildefonso Schuster, who bestowed on it the “essential purpose of providing religious assistance to young workers without family in Milan”.

Indeed, at that time, many young men from villages in Lombardy and other Italian regions found work in Milan but ran the risk of “losing their way”. Instead, the Foundation offered them accommodation in a Hostel run by a priest, where they could enjoy a family atmosphere, assistance with the difficulties of life away from home and guidance to grow in the faith.

In the 1970s, the Foundation expanded its activities when it began managing a few Halls of Residence for university students in the city of Milan and various Hostels for workers that Fondazione Opere Sociali della Cassa di Risparmio delle Province Lombarde (the Social Works Foundation of the Lombardy Province Savings Banks) had built for migrant workers from Southern Italy.

Today, the Foundation runs the following accommodation facilities:

  • San Paolo University Hall of Residence
  • San Filippo Neri University Hall of Residence
  • Bertoni University House

The Foundation is a non-profit organisation managed by a Board of five people (one chairman and four directors) appointed by the Archbishop. It is based in Piazza Fontana 2, Milan.